Recruitment & Retention

Membership Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment of new members and retention of current members needs to be a priority and an ongoing project for every Echelon in our organization. National Recruitment Week gives every CWV Post and CWV Auxiliary Unit in the nation a chance to join efforts and attract new members to our organizations.

These pages contain tips, ideas and different ways to get our name out in front of the public and keep your recruitment going throughout the year.

  • Use the ideas listed on the Recruitment Tips and Tool page
  • Read through the materials on this website about Recruiting and Recruitment Week and how to get started.
  • Use the links and PDF’s provided on these pages!
  • Contact Pastors from the parishes around your Post or Unit area. Use the letters and other items available on this site as a guide to help you.
  • Get volunteers from your Post or Unit to sign up and be available to recruit at Masses
  • Contact the National Office to have them send you a Post Promotional Kit – items are free and include Membership Applications. If you need more applications, request a few more or download them from this site.



Flyers, Posters, freebies and other items 

Recruiting Tips & Suggestions

Contacting the Diocese and your local Parishes

Sample letters, press releases, etc. scroll to bottom of page

 Membership Applications



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