Why Join the CWV & Auxiliary

Passion & Commitment

These are the two words most associated with the Catholic War Veterans and Auxiliary. Other organizations may demonstrate these qualities to some degree, but for members of the Catholic War Veterans, we take it a bit further… back to our roots.
Having served our nation in uniform we know that “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are not freedoms that come to us without sacrifice. Our nation’s founding fathers pledged to each other “their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor” to provide these freedoms to their posterity.

With the rise of Secular-Humanism and the “global culture” of today, many have forgotten the truth. As our Nation was formed, our Founding Fathers looked to Divine Providence. Our founders were men of faith… a faith in God.

Each of us as citizens of this nation are charged with defending our Constitution and our Democratic Republic. As Catholics, we are bound by our faith in God and the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ to do this with a spirit of charity and compassion. Jesus, however, never said that where faith and morals are concerned, inaction rules the day.

Jesus and the Saints exhort all of us to be lights on the hilltop and the salt of the earth. Their examples are not ones of sitting back on their laurels in the face of persecution, nor of hiding or running away from the “good fight”. St. Paul tells us to put on the armor of Christ, take up the Sword of the Spirit and go forth to battle the forces of the evil one. Since our inception in 1935, CWV’s members have been patriots in the truest sense of the words. We are men and women of faith and this is OUR country.

Upon signing the Congressional Charter of the Catholic War Veterans on August 17, 1984 President Ronald Reagan had this to say,

“There have never been any sunshine soldiers or summer patriots in your ranks, and I have the deepest admiration for your commitment to serve both God and country.”

As citizens, it is our duty to respect the laws of our nation and to conduct our cultural battles in ways that promote peaceful resolutions and national unity. This is the country we all served and defended with honor. It is our charge to live “For God, For Country, and For Home”.

Why you should become a member now…

When our founder Fr. Edward J. Higgins of Astoria, NY decided to form the first Catholic War Veterans Post and to seek the blessing of Pope Pius XI, his first order for the organization was to actively support the good and welfare of our nation. Second, as a World War I veteran, he wanted to ensure that the primary focus of our efforts was to put into action the famous words of President Abraham Lincoln –

“To care for those who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan.”

Today, we keep faith with this mandate of our founder by providing the services of our national and local Service Officers free of charge to those members and other veterans who request assistance in preparing and defending their claims for federal veterans benefits.

As a Congressionally Chartered organization, the CWV is privileged to be able to provide face-to-face testimony before our nation’s law makers with a mandate backed by federal law on behalf of all veterans and their families. By joining the CWV you can be sure that your voice will be heard in the halls of our government.

With CWV Posts and Auxiliary Units located across the country our members are able to provide assistance programs tailored to the needs of their local communities and those local citizen-soldiers of our National Guard and Reserves.

Becoming a CWV or Auxiliary member is more than exercising charity and providing service. Members enjoy the camaraderie and respect of fellow veterans. Each individual has a distinct story to tell, and in the CWV and Auxiliary we listen… and we remember.

We remember that it is the individual veteran and their family who have volunteered and put their lives on the line for the rest of us. They have served and sacrificed and they deserve to be remembered for their honor and their valor. These are the true role models for our youth to emulate and admire. Working together we can assure our predecessors that their memory is preserved.

It is estimated that on any given day there are over 1.4 million Catholics serving in our nation’s military. If you are, or were, one of them, we need you. Just as our nation’s military missions suffer when enlistments and commissions wane, we too, are less effective without YOU.

If you desire to make a real difference for good in people’s lives…

If you desire that no veteran, their spouse, or their orphans gets left behind…

If you care about liberty, justice, and the future freedom of your community and nation…

…We salute you and invite YOU to join us NOW!

Interested now? Click HERE to fill in and/or print the Application to join the CWV and Auxiliary.



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