New Year’s Resolutions for Members

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New Year’s Resolutions for CWV and Auxiliary Members

  • Explore this site – learn about everything that is on here for members to use
  • Attend at least one Post or Auxiliary meeting during the year
  • Attend a Post or Auxiliary function that is not a meeting
    • Post social functionpicnic, Christmas Party, cookout, etc.
    • A Corporate Communion
    • Flag retirement ceremony
    • Grave decoration
    • Poppy distribution
    • March (or ride on a float) in a parade 
    • Be part of your Post’s Color-guard (or start one if your Post doesn’t have one)
    • VA Hospital visit bingo party, goodie-bag distribution or just talk with the patients
    • Take part in the Spiritual Bouquet for the Holy Father – click HERE for tally sheet
    • Post fundraisersell tickets, help organize and/or work the event or attend as a participant
    • Other items/events that your Post or Unit does that is not listed here
  • Recruit at least one (1) new member or bring back a delinquent past member Click HERE for ideas
  • Take part in the National Officer Programs
    • use your time and talents to make our Programs a success. Click HERE to view programs
  • Volunteer to be on a Post, Unit, Chapter, Department or National Committee. 
    • Ask your Commander or President where your interests and talents might best serve and to put you in contact with the chairperson of the Committee.
  • Attend a Chapter, Department or National Convention
    • Ask your Commander or President to help you obtain information on how to participate in these always interesting and fun events. This site will soon have information for the National Convention
  • Sign up to take part in the National Appeal
    • how does never having to pay the National portion of your yearly dues again and possibly winning cash prizes from our National fundraisers sound to you? Click HERE to learn about and sign up!