Recruitment Flyers & Membership Applications

Use the links below to print copies of the Recruitment Week Flyer. This can be backed with the Membership Application if you wish.

  • Hang the flyer at the entrances and exits of all the churches your Post and Auxiliary plans to visit the weekend of your Recruitment Drive. Put them up at one weekend prior to the weekend of your visit.
  • Print (or order from National or our printer) multiple copies of the Recruitment Week flyer. Use these as inserts for Parish bulletins  the weekend before or the weekend of your Recruitment Week visit. Contact Parish Bulletin Editor about doing so and how many copies you will need, and when they need to be inserted.
  • Place copies of the flyer backed with the Membership Application in the ends of each pew in Church. Have a Post member check supply and restock before each Mass.
  •  Print copies of the Flag Etiquette Pamphlet to hand out to prospective members.

2016 National Recruitment Week Flyer

Printable Catholic War Veterans and Auxiliary Membership Application

Flag Etiquette Pamphlet – 2 pages. Double-side and fold as a tri-fold pamphlet 

Sample of products available from National Office: Call or email the Office to request items and have mailed to you!

Business Cards – IN STOCK: Use as handouts to let people know who we are. Back of card has area for you to put in local contact information, meeting dates, etc.

Business Card 2015

REMEMBER THE POSTERS LIKE THE IMAGE BELOW THAT WE HAD LAST YEAR? We still have plenty of those in stock. These still have the dates from 2015 on them, so we are adding a sticker with this year’s dates that you can use to cover up the old dates (on both the top and the bottom!


From the CWV Store:

NM Recruit Items

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